3 is an odd number…isn’t it?

Now that I’ve been a pseudo-mom to two kids this week (see post) it brings me to another topic…how many more? I feel so happy and content with my two kiddos. I have an arm for each. Many people, including my dear hubby, ask, “But don’t you want a GIRL!” With my first pregnancy I was certain I was carrying a boy. Voila! I was right! The second time I was convinced I was having a girl. And? Out popped the most gorgeous of boys! Haha I’ve never felt that I needed one of each. I was just plain thrilled to have two gorgeous healthy kids. So do I need a third? I change my mind every other day. All three of my boys (that would be the two kids and one husband) agree we need one more.

Playgroup - Kieran is second from left

Playgroup - Kieran (10 months) is second from left

Some people don’t enjoy the baby stage. I even loved being pregnant—but I won’t go there cause I’m afraid of hate-mail. I’m lucky to love everything about babies including their smell, the cuddles and even the night-time feedings. It’s such a special time. I get broody when I see other babes. But I have also seen how much of my attention was used up by having four. It’s hard to spread yourself around and I don’t want to deprive my two boys of their mom time, not to mention time for the hubby too. So do I want more? I know I should be taking into consideration many factors like financially are we able? is it feasible with having to travel so much? Really, my decision will come from my heart. Many folks have told me “you’ll just know”. But it’s been five years since I was last pregnant and I still don’t know!

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9 Responses to “3 is an odd number…isn’t it?”

  1. Lesmarie says:

    “Wow, Melissa! I just LOVE reading your blog! What talent you have! I am very proud of you, I knew you could do it!”
    “I’ve submitted your post to the National Blog Post Association and it will win 1st prize!”

  2. Aunt Wees says:

    You would be more than able to care for three. I’ve never met anyone as strong and loving as you except for maybe Mom. She is the one to ask how having another baby is done. It also teaches the boys to love and give more than they realize they can. Each child decorates your life so much. Besides she might look like my little “sis”. Love ya!!!!

  3. Tara says:

    Another great installlment! It is a hard decision. I really think you will know, when it’s the right time. Me? I’m ready for my sisters to have babies!

  4. Jennita says:

    Well I’m not sure I should be giving you any advice on this. :) We have a handful with just one! But all I know is that she has changed my life for the better. I can only imagine how each child would enhance your life. But at the same time I find it very difficult to find time for myself with just one! Let alone 2 and even 3. But when I think about how I want to be a mom, I think of you and what an awesome mom you are. I can only hope to be as amazing as you!

  5. MotherT says:

    Great post Melissa.

    When I was pregnant I knew women who said if you have three you have to have four because they didn’t want the “middle” child. They wanted an even number I always thought that was a little crazy. You’re a great mom and would do great with three, four or five! Your two boys are super so if your life is fulfilled right now then enjoy it.

    For me, we are done at 2 and there’s no looking back! :)

  6. Karen Pulvirenti says:

    I say go for it, you are such a relaxed and easy going mom and besides that, Isobel needs a friend! My son once observed that “Melissa is always smiling”. What a great thing for a child to notice…

  7. Mor says:

    You do realize that you’ll have another boy, right? LOL!


  8. Mor says:

    NOT that there’s anything wrong with that…


  9. Lesmarie says:

    Come ladies – i sign in here every day and await your words of wisdom! Give us more!