The Best Article of 2009

Well lookie here! Two days in a row on the old bloggidy blog. Maybe this will entice the other two to get on the ball! :) This is another post  for the #best09 blog challenge. Today, the topic is:

December 3 Article. What’s an article that you read that blew you away? That you shared with all your friends. That you Delicious’d and reference throughout the year.

Oh! And actually this is my 3rd post in 2 days because I got a few people from work to give up their favorite articles of year as well, and put a post together.

So, everyone (I say everyone but mean the 3 other people who read this blog) is going to think I’m a big kiss-up or something. But out of all the articles I’ve read this year – and I read a LOT, as it’s part of my job – the one that grabbed me, pulled me closer than knocked my socks off was this: Intention: How do you start your day? from Gwen Bell.

Ok, to be honest it was this post over on that first turned me on to Gwen. After reading that post, I started following Gwen on Twitter. August was a crazy busy month for me, and honestly I wasn’t paying much attention to my Twitter stream. But in September, I saw a tweet from Gwen that caught my eye.

gwen-bell-tweet(btw just in case you’re wondering, this is how I found the tweet :) Yes. I’m a geek)

I clicked over and saw the post mentioned above. It was in the middle of the work day, so I quickly scrolled through, thought “ok this is interesting, I’ll come back to that” and went on with my day. A day or so later, I remembered it and went back to check it out.

Now, I was going through a pretty rough (as in I was being a major crab ass) time. There wasn’t any one thing that was making me blue, just being busy, life changes, etc. And I found myself every day going back and re-reading this post. I’ve always been pretty lazy and absolutely hate getting up in the morning. I loved the idea that the way you started your day was the way your day would go. I mean, come on… it’s not profound or anything, but for some reason I had never really thought of it before.

Once upon a time I had also become interested in Buddhism and Zazen but let life take control and although I never lost interest, I also never read more, practiced enough (ok at all) or tried… really. Watching the video of Patrick (below) made me laugh and honestly reading the post was quite relaxing to me. Seriously, check out the post. The content, the layout, the photos, it’s all very calming.

So I set out to make some changes. Not just to my morning routine (which usually started with me complaining about something) but to my entire schedule. I had to kick myself into gear, think positively, be positive, get my shit together. There. I said it! I was a mess.

I’m still a bit of a mess… haha I suppose it takes some time. But this post pointed me in the right direction and got me on my feet. Thinking about what was important to me, how did I want to portray myself (and be) to others, was I really this crabby 36 year old mom and wife? Remember these are questions to myself… no need to answer that last one. :)

The point is…the article rocked my socks off and started me off on the right foot (well maybe the left foot because the left is best, right? heh). The next article of hers that launched me into something new was How to create your personal manifesto. But that one will have to wait for another day. I’m pretty sure you’re bored to death right now (and yes, I mean you… the one person who’s read this far).

Thanks Gwen. :) I really appreciate your positive attitude and sharing your ideas with others.

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3 Responses to “The Best Article of 2009”

  1. Gwen Bell says:

    Maybe I am the only one who made it to the end because I’m a self-absorbed narcissist. I can live with that.

    The point I want to make is this: I smiled all the way through. You never post something thinking it’s going to make a big difference. You just post because that’s what you wake up knowing you have to share that day. And I did. And I’m glad for it.

    And if it is any consolation, I’m not on every day. And Patrick isn’t either. But it makes a difference to both of us ( – we are a bit over-the-top geeky about it) to know that it touches you. I’m speaking for P, here, too. And I know he’ll agree. When he becomes the second person to read all the way through to the end.

    Anyway, thank you, Jennita.

  2. Moyamuhle says:

    Though you may be a suck-up (HA), I know this post is true because you made me (okay, you didn’t MAKE me, but strongly suggested) I look into Gwen and start a personal manifesto. Thanks for the reminder. It’s something everyone should create and update regularly. As for starting your morning routine, ba-hum-bug! I’ll work on that too.

    Thanks again for another great post! I know I know, it’s soooo my turn…watch this space.


    p.s.-way to go seomoz!!! :)

  3. Jennita says:

    @Gwen Thanks for reading all the way through. Narcissist or not, I appreciate it. 😉 I truly enjoy reading your blog and tweets. They remind me to not get so grumpy (of course sometimes nothing can help that). I’ll have to check out the site as well, hadn’t seen it before.

    Thanks Gwen. :)

    @Moyamuhle this weekend the blog will be calling your name! :)