The Best of ’09 – Best Trip & Restaurant

If you haven’t read about the Best of 2009 Blog Challenge aka #best09 from Gwen Bell, I highly suggest you check it out. Since my job consists of doing quite a bit of writing, I rarely write for my own personal site (as you can tell I haven’t posted here in over a year!). But this challenge caught my eye, and I’ve been wanting to get back into writing here. So here we go!

I set out last night to write the first post about my best trip of 2009 (the topic for December 1st) but instead I ended up upgrading WordPress, changing the logo and getting the site organized. I figured what the heck, there will be a new topic tomorrow right? Lucky for me today’s topic is your best restaurant moment of 2009… which just happens to have happened during my favorite trip!

This year I’ve had the opportunity to travel quite a bit for work; both to conferences and to the office which is in Seattle (I’m in Denver… for now). Which means I’ve had plenty of options for both the best trip and best restaurant experiences over the year. But the one that really stands out in my mind is the one where my family was able to join me!

eva-daddy-airplaneIn early June I had a conference to attend plus needed to spend a little time in the office. We decided it was a perfect opportunity to get my husband and daughter out as well so we took a nice long weekend. I headed out early, then later in the week, they joined me. This meant that my husband was in charge of taking our daughter on her first flight, by himself. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t do it, but there is just so much that goes into traveling with a child that I think he was a bit nervous about it.

Needless to say, the flight went great and having headphones and an iPhone definitely helped. :) We did some of the touristy Seattle things, like go to Pike Place Market and see the Aquarium. But mostly we got to know Seattle. What we didn’t realize going into it, was that by the end of the trip we’d realize how much we’d love living there.

With my job being in Seattle and working from home in Denver, it was definitely a possibility. But until that trip, I wasn’t overly excited about it. I’ll have to write more about the future another time… but for now this was my favorite trip of 2009. Not only did I have my family with me, but we made a decision as a team that Seattle was the place for us. (Of course at that time it was sunny and gorgeous the entire week! hah)

eva-spoonNow on that same trip, one morning (early afternoon perhaps?) we met up with our good friends Eric and Lindsay Wassell for brunch(ish). They had recently found out she was pregnant with twins, and we were trying to show off our little Eva and how awesome kids were. :) Eric was sitting next to Eva and was trying to keep her entertained. He was pretty good at getting his spoon to not slide off his nose (we won’t discuss how big his nose is… kidding!!) and she wanted to try! What came of this was lots of laughter and our 18 month old daughter sitting in a restaurant with a spoon on her nose, happy as can be. We laughed so hard at her glee! :)

It was wonderful. One of those experiences where the company, the food and conversation all mesh and you simply have a wonderful time. It wasn’t a fancy place. We didn’t spend a ton of money. We just had a great time. It was truly special and I look forward to going back there when we move to Seattle! (ok ok more about that another time) Unfortunately the Wassells have moved away, but some day we’ll meet up with the whole gang (remember, they’re having twins!) one of these days.

If only you could see the smile on my face from writing this. What a fun trip, and wonderful brunch! I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t show off my husband’s photos of the trip (see the full set here). He’s a ridiculously awesome photographer and I’ve grown accustomed to always having amazing photos of our trips.




I love you guys. Thank you for a wonderful trip!

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2 Responses to “The Best of ’09 – Best Trip & Restaurant”

  1. Moyamuhle says:

    Absolutely fantastic! I always knew your cutie was destined for great things…spoon hanging is just one of her many talents, I know! Okay, you set the bar high…thanks for the challenge Jen/Gwen!

  2. […] and Eric moved to Seattle a few days later and this was our last time seeing them until we went to Seattle in June. We had such a great time! We ate, danced, laughed and just had an amazing time with great friends. […]