Searching for a New Home

suburban houseAfter many months of trying to sell our home in Denver, Glenn and I signed the closing documents and sent them to the Title company for the closing on Monday.  Since we are not in Denver any more, we won’t be at the actually closing.  It’s time to move on.   We are looking for houses and we have seen a number of them.   We are looking closer to DC so Glenn won’t have too bad of a commute.  The houses are older and smaller (we knew that would be the case when we moved out here).  We found one we really like in Falls Church, VA, it has been well maintained and updated!  It is a 4 bedroom home, but ALL the rooms are tiny.  We would have to get new furniture if we decided to go with that house because our large over-stuffed couch would fill the entire living room.  But there’s another problem with that house.  It’s 100K over the county estimates.   So if we do make an offer it won’t be full price.

city houseThat’s us looking closer in, smaller houses, older houses (many of which haven’t been updated, but are “cute” and charming in their own way) and expensive.   This weekend we are going out to the ‘burbs.  I’m sure we’ll find one we really like.  I have resisted until this point because once I go out there and see the houses you can get for the same amount of money, there will be no going back.  We may even find one with a screened in porch.  Wouldn’t that be fun!

I like to think that I can be a city girl living close to the metro line, etc., but when it comes down to it I think I’m more comfortable in the ‘burbs.

Stay tuned…..

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One Response to “Searching for a New Home”

  1. Jennita says:

    Good luck on the closing! How does that work when you’re not there? Weird that we closed just a week apart. It definitely feels good to move on. :) I hope you find something soon, I’m sure you guys are going crazy in an apartment! hehe Hope you liked the pics I added, burbs vs city. hah! :)