Hope and change for the future

Most people are aware that this is a Presidential election year, and that the Democratic National Convention is taking place right here in Denver, Colorado. I have been excited for it, but it really hadn’t sunk in until tonight. It’s not JUST that the DNC is in our neck of the woods, but that the fact that I’m actually proud of our candidate Barack Obama.

Tonight I worked for about 4 hours making signs for the convention at the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. Initially I did it because I was told that if I helped make signs I would get a ticket to see Barack’s acceptance speech next week (Woot!!). When I first got there, I wasn’t prepared for the amount of people who were busily working. Staple… staple… staple! Chatter… chatter… chatter! There was an actual buzz in the room. Everyone seemed to have a job, and they were quite happy doing it.

I jumped right into the humming of the room and got to work. My job: fill trash bags with 25 signs each, then tie the bag, and finally add a yellow sticker to either side. Done. Then start all over again! At first I was a bit shy because it seemed that everyone else already had their place… their role in the system. I’m not very good at being a newbie, I like to be a part of it and become an expert! Luckily the task at hand wasn’t too daunting ;). In no time I was moving around the room, gathering up signs and trying my best to not lose count.

I imagine that everyone was there for different reasons. Some were volunteering because they wanted to be a part of something great. Others were there because the Union was paying $10/hour (they also provided food… well Taco Bell if you call that food). Many were talking about all the different things going on this weekend and upcoming week. And there were at least 3-4 different languages being spoken!

As I moved on to my next job of stapling two posters together (one side said “Obama” the other read “Unity”), I realized that I was a part of something greater. My simple task of staple, staple, staple, flip(!) was going to mean something to the 70,000 people who will be attending the acceptance speech as well as the thousands watching on TV. These very simple signs, mean Hope and Change for many Americans.

Those two words kept ringing in my ears as I worked away. I started to wonder what the world will be like when Eva is 5 years old… how about 15… what about 35? There’s no doubt that the world will have changed by then, but will this time right now, right here, actually make a change for the positive? Can Barack Obama be the change that I am hoping for? Will his presidency impact Eva’s future? Or am I hoping for too much?

Following are a couple of my favorite YouTube! Videos:

Barack Obama – Reggaeton Style

Flobots – Rise

The Flobots are a local band that has recently hit the national and even international scene. I love the message in this song. It makes me want to get up off my butt and do something!

Take a press tour of Invesco Field at Mile High where Obama will accept the Democratic nomination for the Presidency.

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4 Responses to “Hope and change for the future”

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  2. Jennita says:

    A quick update. I did get a ticket to tomorrow’s speech! Yay I have it in-hand and am looking forward to tomorrow. Also, it was fun to see all the signs that we had made on TV at the convention. It really felt as if I had contributed something!

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