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Baby with remote

Baby with remote

We come in all shapes and sizes, come from many different backgrounds, and take various life paths. But the one thing we will always have in common… is that we’re moms! And although our lives our busy and we don’t even live in the same cities (or continents for that matter!), technology keeps us together.

Technology simply is a way of life these days. For the most part, I’m quite thankful for it. First of all, I’m a software developer, so I make a living from technology. My blackberry is pretty much attached to my hip, and I can be reached via phone, email, IM, text, Twitter and Facebook all from the one device, at any time of the day! And when I was pregnant I got weekly updates on how my baby was growing/forming from Since one of my best friends (Moyamuhle) currently lives in South Africa, and another (MotherT) is about to move to Washington D.C., I need to keep up-to-date with any and all forms of communication.

I have noticed though that we are definitely raising a little techie girl. When my daughter gets fussy and is in need of a distraction, the best form is usually a TV remote or cell phone. She also quite enjoys banging on the laptop as well. She absolutely loves buttons! She even called her father the other day, AND got him on speaker phone (mmm hmm 10 months old). Of course as soon as he answered she proceeded to taste the phone. Somehow she thinks cell phones and remotes are tasty… who knows? Maybe they taste like chicken! Ahh and my sweet little girl already has her own ipod, filled with various types of children’s music. I wonder… are we setting her up to be technologically advanced, or are we setting ourselves up to always have to buy her the newest gadgets? eek…

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