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December 6Workshop or conference.Was there a conference or workshop you attended that was especially beneficial? Where was it? What did you learn?

This year I attended 8 work related conferences and spoke at 4 of them. One thing I’d like to focus on this coming year is speaking more in order to perfect that art.

As for the best conference this year, our own SEOmoz Training in August was by far the most informative, interesting and fun conference I attended. Each speaker had 30 minutes to an hour so they were able to really get into some in-depth information. Many conferences have 3-5 speakers on a panel, who have maybe 10 minutes each. This makes it really difficult to get anything other than high-level information.

Not only were the sessions great, but the entire seminar was a ton of fun. The food was great (which rarely happens at a conference) plus each night there were networking events that gave me the chance to talk with many of the attendees. I really look forward to next year and hopefully will also get to attend our training seminar in London as well. :)

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