No toys in THIS house!

As I said in my bio—I’m a great lover of blogs, but this is actually my first proper blog post! I’ve done nothing more than comment on others so I would have to say it is time for me to “put it all out there” and let others have their say about mine! Why not just jump right in. I’m sure you guys will all be kind and gentle with a newbie like me. Right? Here goes:

We’ve had two additions to our household this afternoon. I’ve gone from two children to four children…in the blink of an eye! A friend of ours is in Mozambique with her hubby—and I, being the very *best* of people, offered to have her kids. So far, everything is going really smoothly! Did I mention it has only been 45 minutes? In those 45 minutes one of the children has 1. Declared himself BORED 2. Asked where all the toys are (I pointed in the direction of the playroom where you can’t see the floor for all the toys!) and 3. Tells me his mum let’s him eat chocolate spread on bread everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Should be a great week! Let’s get started.

My plan this week is to be organized. I’m sure organization is the secret to having more than 2 kids. I have every intention of getting their school lunches ready the night before, picking out the clothes for the morning ahead of time and having two simultaneous baths (luckily our house has two tubs!). For those of you reading this who already have more than two kids, you can stop laughing now. Where’s the love?! I realize I’m gonna have to learn along the way. Just hope the learning curve isn’t too steep…I don’t have that much time! Wish me luck.

You know, I would classify myself as a good Mom…maybe even a great mom. But a great mom to two kids. I’ve been asked, grilled and even begged by my family, friends and husband to have a third child. I think this little experiment might aid me in my decision. (But that is for another post!)


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2 Responses to “2+2=4”

  1. MotherT says:

    Good job, your a natural at this!!! I’m wondering, though, when you had time to write. When the kids were at school? hahaha

    Good luck this week.

  2. Tara says:

    love it! you go, girl! you’ve got an avid reader here! can’t wait for the next installment.